The red flag is now flying at the Holiday Lake dam. This means NO WAKE due to high water. Please check your boats, jet skis, etc. that are on lifts, we have had some that have already floated off and are loose in the lake due to the high water. Be neighborly, and check your neighbors. If you see any and can get a sticker number, call the office and we will try to contact the owner.

Due to the already high waters, and forecast for continual rains, there is a very good chance that the Black Flag will be put up tomorrow at Holiday Lake. This will mean that NO MOTORIZED recreational vehicles are allowed on the lake due to extremely high water. If you are needing to remove your boats, jet skis, etc. from the lake - you should do it today.

Thank you for your understanding.


Due to the recent rains, the BLACK FLAG is displayed

The black flag means NO MOTORIZED watercraft on the lake due to high water.

Operational Riz Meeting - October 16th

The Riz Committee has decided to have an operational meeting this Wednesday October 16th to go over Projects that could be completed before the end of 2019. This meeting will be held at the Holiday Lake Community building at 6:30 p.m.


Campers Must Be Removed by October 31, 2019

A. Holiday Lake Subdivision Camper Rules

Consistent with paragraph 4 of the 1992 Covenant Changes, permanent year-round residents of Holiday Lake will be permitted to store campers owned by them and for their own use on their respective properties all year. All other Lot Owners who bring campers into the Holiday Lake Subdivision before April 1st or leave them after October 31st will be issued a $150.00 corporate assessment per month.


It has come to our attention that Household Garbage and Dead Fish Remains are being disposed of/dumped in Ditches and into Holiday Lake Owners Association Garbage Cans
This is not acceptable!

All household garbage/trash, and dead fish remains MUST BE taken home with you.
If you wish to have your garbage picked up weekly, call Audas Sanitation at 641-623-5691.
There is a fee for this service.

Announced at September 12th Board Meeting

  1. Reminders:
    1. Holiday Lake property (lake-owned lots) are not for residents use, i.e, parking vehicles, boat/construction trailers, piling wood, etc.
    2. Anytime that a motor vehicle, landcraft or watercraft is sold that has a Holiday Lake sticker on it, the sticker MUST be removed and the office notified.
    3. Burning of plastic, rubber, creosote timbers, etc. is not allowed at Holiday Lake.
  2. New signs will be posted on Korns (Steep Grade, Not a Truck Route); Caron and Echo Drive (Steep Grade); NE Lakeshore (Weight Embargo of 4 Tons); Beach Boat Ramp by mural (No Parking).

(9/10/2019) The restrooms at the south boat ramp are now open!

The committee to implement a new Holiday Lake Homeowners Association website will be meeting again weekly at the Community Center on Tuesday, Sept. 3, at 6:30 p.m. Anyone wishing to join the committee are invited to attend.


Tim Snyder from Aquatic Environmental Consultants was at the Lake on August 21, 2019. Here is his report.

We were by Holiday Lake and Bozo's pond yesterday and conducted the August filamentous/planktonic algae treatment and the water quality monitoring.

There were filamentous algae observed near the shallowest parts of the shoreline and arrowhead (emergent plant) growing in the extreme shallow parts. The filamentous algae will clean up in the next few days. The arrowhead would not be considered noxious growth but can easily be controlled by homeowners by manually removing it if they do not desire it. There was little concern for blue green algae (planktonic algae) on Holiday Lake and Bozo's pond.

Andy's Lake did have some surface bloom of blue green algae. The dissolved oxygen on Andy's (not a concerning level to fish) would indicate that much of the bloom has either recently died or is currently dying. Treating blue green for the first time late in the season is very risky and is not recommended because it can cause it to die rapidly and take up the desired dissolved oxygen. I would guess with the volume of algae observed it will not be an issue to the dissolved oxygen and fish when it does completely die off (weather dependent - sometime over the next month) so long as it does not die too rapidly. I believe by implementing a treatment plan at the beginning of the season next year on Andy's the bloom could be easily controlled.

Holiday Lake Board of Directors


All Semi Tractors and Trailers Must Report to the Holiday Lake Maintenance Office Prior to Entering the Lake.


RIZ (Rural Improvement Zone) and Holiday Lake are asking that while mowing, you do NOT blow your grass towards the roads/ditches or lake. We are trying to keep as much runoff into the lake as possible.

Thank you.


Holiday Lake will be selling and installing culverts, unfortunately the cost will be increasing to $325.00 per 20 foot section of culvert. This is due to the actual cost associated with this project.

2 hours labor   $120.00
Road Rock$50.00

According to the Rules and Regulations---Division III. Building Permits Pages 26 & 27 of 91

  1. Culvert size shall be 12"" minimum diameter and 40' maximum length. Subject to review by the Building Committee on a case-by-case basis, any new construction or placement of culvert is required to have a 5' clean out between each culvert in order to maintain ditches.

  2. Culvert material shall be dual wall plastic.

  3. The Culvert Installation Application is required to be filled out and pre-approved before any work begins. It is recommended that ditches for culverts be dug out and installed by Holiday Lake Owners' Association, Inc., maintenance personnel. The cost of culvert must be paid in full by the Holiday Lake Lot Owner to the Holiday Lake Owners' Association, Inc. prior to work being started. Installation of culvert includes cleaning out the ditch to proper depth, installing culvert and covering culvert with appropriate materials.

If you choose to have someone else purchase and install your culvert-you still need to follow the above rules. An independent contractor will be inspected prior to installation and also after completion of work. If the work does not follow the above rules, you will be asked to reinstall the culvert to meet the specifications and pay for the re-installation.


The Board has received numerous questions about golf cart rules. As we want the Lake to continue to be an enjoyable and safe place for all - NO UNACCOMPANIED MINORS UNDER THE AGE OF 14 CAN OPERATE ANY LAND CRAFT WITHIN THE HOLIDAY LAKE SUBDIVISION.

B. Roads and Other Areas

  1. For the purpose of these rules and regulations, "Motor Vehicles" include passenger cars, trucks, motor homes, street-legal motorcycles, and construction and maintenance vehicles. "Land Crafts" include all motorized vehicles other than Motor Vehicles and specifically include, without limitation, nonstreet-legal motorcycles, mopeds, mini bikes, ATV's (3 & 4) wheelers, snowmobiles, golf carts and go-carts.

  2. The minimum age for operating Land Craft anywhere within the Holiday Lake Subdivision, including without limitation the roads and commons (Holiday Lake Property), shall be fourteen (14) years of age, unless a higher age is required by law or recommended by the manufacturer of the Land Craft.

The Board has instructed security to contact the parents of the violators, give them a verbal warning and if the violation occurs again there will be a minimum of a $250.00 corporate assessment issued.


For Your Information, it has been brought to the Board's attention there have been numerous docks built since February 9, 2012 which do exceed the maximum allowed length. These will be addressed individually in the near future - if you believe you fall into this area, please contact the Lake Office or your Unit Representative.

Just a reminder, please look at the rules and regulations regarding building permits prior to any construction.

Lake Wide Email List

There has been a lot of talk about the Board of Directors not communicating with the community. The information being reposted is from a lake-wide e-mail sent to all community members who have provided us with their e-mail addresses. If you are not receiving these e-mails, please contact the office at 641-522-7686, or e-mail to be placed on the list. You may also find all lake-wide notices on the lake's official Facebook page at Holiday Lake Owners Association Inc. or on the website at

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