Effective Tuesday, July 1, 2014,

Due to the recent rains, the RED FLAG is displayed:

The Holiday Lake Board of Directors is requesting that boats stay off the water until the levels return to normal.

Notice - 09/13/2018

At the September 13, 2018 Board of Directors' meeting 3 Rules and Regulations were amended for clarification.

  1. Division II: Miscellaneous - pertaining to noise with quiet hours
  2. Division III: Building Regulations - Docks: Guidelines and procedures for outside vendors entering Holiday Lake waters
  3. Definition of portable shed

These rules will be enforced--failure to comply may result in corporate assessments in the amount of $250.00 being levied against you.

Holiday Lake Mural Project

The Holiday Lake Board of Directors has given approval for a mural to be painted on the concrete wall that is by the beach and main boat ramp. As it is the gateway to Holiday Lake and close proximity to the Community Center, it would beautify the area.

A Mural Committee is being formed to work with the BGM Art Teacher, Kelly Gartman, and the BGM Bear Art Club. The committee will gather input and suggestions for the mural from you, the Holiday Lake Community.

If anyone is interested in serving on the Mural Committee or has questions, contact Kim Pendarvis at 641-522-6082 or Donna Baustian at 641-522-9307. You may also e-mail Donna at donnaholidaylake@hotmail.com. We would like to know by October 1st if you are interested in being on the Mural Committee.

If anyone has suggestions or ideas that you would like the Mural Committee to consider, please share those with either Donna or Kim at this time.

We will keep you informed as the committee proceeds. Stay tuned...

NOTICE - Bozo Pond (7/25/2018)

Due to the growth of blue-green algae in Bozo Pond it is advised that swimming in the pond is to be avoided at this time. Ingesting of pond water may result in sickness to humans and pets.

Blue-green algae are very common in late summer in Iowa ponds, especially those with plentiful nutrients. This is not a critical situation. The big lake appears to have very good water quality with little to no nuisance algae species. There is no problem with fishing in Bozo Pond and the fish can be eaten after being washed thoroughly and cooked properly.

When it comes to enjoying our lake and ponds, safety continues to be the number one priority. When in doubt, stay out.

More detailed summary of investigation of Bozo Pond on July 24,2018

Tim Snyder was here yesterday, July 24, 2018 to treat the big lake and investigate Bozo. I had talked to Tim yesterday after I noticed blue-green algae in the pond, especially the northeast corner. Blue -green( cyanobacteria) "blooms" can be a problem for three reasons: 1) they tend to be on the surface and reduce the sunlight penetration to the more beneficial green algae that are deeper in the water column which results in less photosynthetic oxygen production deeper in the pond, 2) Blue-greens are short-lived and after they die decomposers ( other bacteria and fungi) breakdown the blue-greens and consume DO (dissolved oxygen) resulting in low oxygen levels for fish, 3) the blue-greens sometimes release toxins as they die and the toxins can make humans sick if ingested and can kill other aquatic life.

Tim and his colleague tested Bozo for DO, dissolved oxygen, at various depths. They found DO concentrations of 16 ppm(parts per million) at 1 ft, 13ppm at 2 ft, 8 ppm at depths of 3 to 6 feet, and less than 2 ppm at depths greater than 6 feet. Most warm water fish need at least 6 to 7 ppm to survive. This data indicated the algae (both green and blue-green) are producing lots of oxygen near the surface, but not very deep. Tim said that treating the pond may cause more decomposition and reduce the DO to levels that are dangerous for fish. For that reason and because the dying blue-greens may give off more toxins he advised not to treat Bozo.

Tim and I talked about ways to ensure better water quality in Bozo. He recommended treatment early in the season, like we do on the big lake, as the surest way to not have problems later in the summer. He also said that installing the correct type of aeration system for the pond would help. He emphasized the need to put the proper system in.

The good news is that our situation is not critical and that Bozo and Andy's ponds are doing what they are designed to do, that is , be a buffer for the big lake. Tim said that big lake is in very good shape, especially for an Iowa lake in late July. The water clarity is down from early in the summer, which is normal, but there is an abundant amount of highly beneficial green algae that produce DO and start the food chains.

After discussing with Tim, I think that we should put a sign up telling people to avoid swimming in or ingesting water from Bozo pond and that pets should not drink the pond water. A notice should be posted on the Holiday Lake website as well as mass emailed and notice given to each house with water front to Bozo.

Written by Jay Hoskey, Board Member

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