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Clarification as to Sheds at Holiday Lake

Holiday Lake Owners' Association, Inc.
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From: Holiday Lake Board of Directors
To: Holiday Lake Property Owners
Date: July 14, 2016

RE: Clarification as to sheds at Holiday Lake

It has come to the attention of the Board of Directors of Holiday Lake that some Lot Owners are attempting to convert portable sheds into living quarters. This does not comply with the language or intent of the Holiday Lake Covenants and Rules and Regulations.

All Lot Owners are hereby advised to bring all sheds and other structures into compliance with the Holiday Lake Covenants and Rules and Regulations.

The reasoning is clear. While sheds with footings require a building permit, the Rules and Regulations of Holiday Lake provide "A permit is not required for structures that are defined as a shed, provided that it is considered to be a moveable structure on skids." The definition of a shed is set out as "Any structure for storage, cannot include privies such as portable toilet or water." If a portable shed is being converted to a use other than storage or to include privies, then it is not a "shed" and is fully subject to all approval requirements and regulations under the Rules and Regulations. Conversion of a shed to include any kind of sleeping accommodation is a clear indication that the structure is no longer a "structure for storage." Also, once a shed has been attached to any mechanics or services, it cannot reasonably be considered a moveable structure and must then go through the approval process. Further, even though a permit is not required for a shed that is moveable, it still must comply with the setback rules of the Covenants--10 feet away from the front lot lines and not closer than 5 feet from back or side lot lines.

The Holiday Lake's Board of Directors was empowered by the Iowa District Court for Poweshiek County in the class action decree in Stevens v. Whitmer to "carry out the restrictions and covenants as set forth in the original plats of Holiday Lake [including the issuance of civil penalties]" and "to do all such other and additional functions which may be required in order to make Holiday Lake a community which will preserve property values of the owners and ensure a community life within Holiday Lake which is desirable, safe and comparable to that of cities and towns in Poweshiek County." The board takes these words seriously.

Conversion of portable sheds into living units violates the Rules and Regulations of Holiday Lake and is out of sync with maintaining the Holiday Lake community in a condition "comparable to that of cities and towns in Poweshiek County" and certainly out of sync with the even stronger prohibition in the covenants of mobile homes at Holiday Lake.

The status of all shed-like structures will be evaluated by the Board in August 2016 and appropriate action taken thereafter, which may include the imposition of Corporate Assessments.

Board of Directors of Holiday Lake Owners' Association

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