Holiday Lake
Board of Directors Meeting
Thursday, November 9, 2006
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Members in Attendance:
Elizabeth Allison, Jim Clayton Jr., Larry Ehrig, Amy Morrow, Brian Nicholas and Duane Selken all board members were present.
President Jim Clayton Jr. called the meeting to order at 6:33 P.M.

Allison read the Secretary’s report from October 12, 2006.
Ehrig read the Treasurer’s report from September 1, 2006 through October 31, 2006

Addition to the Agenda: Allison made motion to accept the agenda with additions under Old Business: Robert Wolf-house and yard, Robert Pursley-dog loose and junk, Darren Abben-culvert repair, Kevin Madison-Baker-injunction, Justin Hard-building: New business: add William Olson lake attorney-review bylaws, rules, etc., seconded by Selken, motion carried by unanimous vote.

No Hearings:

Secretary’s Report: October 12, 2006 Nicholas made motion to accept report, Ehrig seconded, motion carried by unanimous vote.

Treasurer’s Report: Allison made motion to accept report, Morrow seconded, motion carried by unanimous vote.

Bills presented for payment: Bills were presented. Motion to pay Selken, seconded by Morrow, motion carried by unanimous vote.

Maintenance Report: Kristofer Kempf reported that he has been burning leaves in ditches and cleaning out culverts.
Trimming trees that were dead or hanging over the roadway. Expressed a thank you to Russ Beckman for trimming trees and clearing brush on the Belaire sled run. Richard Samuleson Unit 1 Lot 403 and 404 has a boat in the ditch roadway which prevents Kris from maintaining the ditch. Still looking into panel for shop door. Sander has been taken down and is ready to go. Kris sprayed the backside of Andy’s and has seen results.
Winter projects include but not limited to: Guard rail by Pete’s Pond, continue to clean ditches and culverts, plow snow as needed. All board members to look at beach area for possible boat dock.

Community Building Report: Total in accounts $107,078.15.

Website Visits in July: 1,722 - Keith Allison will continue to volunteer his time and talents for the website until the August 18, 2007 annual meeting. The board of directors are advertising now for a replacement after that date.

Security Report: Mark Baugh presented his road security report. Mark reported that Elizabeth Rhinehart male visitor/guest was verbally abusive towards him. Reports of dogs loose and persons tearing up the park areas.

Fish Report: Dick Osborne reported he had spoken with Mike Beumer and he recommended that fish structures be put in the lake so the small fish have a chance to hide instead of purchasing fish. Allison made the motion to purchase 3 fish structures, second by Ehrig, motion carried by unanimous vote.
Dick Osborne presented information about spawing mats. Selken made the motion to purchase 20 spawing mats, 10 for Andy’s Pond and 10 for Bozo, second by Allison, motion carried by unanimous vote.
Ehirg made a motion to purchase Redear Bream (sunfish) to get rid of grubs with the remaining money in the fish fund except $100.00 which is the minimum amount required for the savings account, second by Nicholas.

Nicholas read a thank you to Kathy and Avon for the great job of cleaning the restrooms. A round of applause was given.

Water Quality Committee Report: Connie Sjerven reported that Craig Hempy did receive a grant to prevent erosion and would be at the Maintenance office on Thursday November 16th at 6:30 p.m. to answer questions. Requesting that as many lot owners as possible attend. Wendy apologized to the water quality committee that the meeting on November 16th did not get in the newsletter, but she had contacted Keith Allison to have it posted on the website.

Silt Committee Report:

Rural Improvement Zone Report: Robert Josten needs to reissue the petition along with the number of families to Mike Mahaffey Poweshiek County Attorney before we proceed.

Old Business: Building permit for Unit 3 Lots 206, 207 - Herman will be taken off old business as he is not doing anything until Spring. Back part of Andy’s has been treated and is working. White dump truck box, Kris will do the work to replace just the floor as the sides are good. A new box would cost $6,000.00. Ehrig made the motion for Kris to purchase a welder for $2,000.00 including helmet, wire, etc., second by Morrow, motion carried by unanimous vote.
A second letter was sent to Robert Wolf with $75.00 corporate assessment regarding house and yard.
First letter was sent to Robert Pursley regarding his loose dog and junk. Letter sent to Darryn Abben stating culvert would not be repaired or replaced. Kevin Madison injunction was lifted. Justin Hard letter was sent by attorney to cease building.

New Business: After Manatts are done with the roads this Spring any roads that are falling apart and have not been chip and sealed will be tore up and replaced with gravel. A list of trees that are hanging over the roads and hitting equipment is started and TIP Rec will be contacted to have them trim them back or top them. Several owners have been have been notified if tree is dead and needs to be taken all the way down. Ehrig made a motion to trim back to 14’ height clearance any tree within our 5’ easement, second by Nicholas, motion carried by unanimous vote. Morrow made a motion to have signs made for both entrances and boat ramps that current stickers must be displayed. Tabled until December after attorney can give us proper wording.
Building permit for Justin and Penny Hard Unit 3 Lot 194 attended the meeting and answered questions asked by the board. Reassured the board it will be a shed and not living quarters. If it does become living quarter’s legal action will be taken by the board. Nicholas made a motion to approve building permit for Unit 3 Lot 194, second by Morrow, motion carried by unanimous vote. Allison made a motion that Rottweiler dogs also be added to the Resolution RE: Dangerous and Vicious Animals list, second by Ehrig, motion carried by unanimous vote. The lake attorney will be asked to send a letter to the person who has a rottweiler dog and remove it from the Holiday Lake Subdivision.
Vertical blinds have been installed in one South window of the office.
Baseball park area was tore up on Saturday November 4, 2006 and Poweshiek County Sheriff was notified and was out with 10 minutes. Kris put the sod back. Board will look into cost of fencing in the area like was done on the dam.
Corporate assessment of $15.00 was talked about and tabled until looking into deadline date.
Bids for rock and sand hauling were submitted by Jeff Hall trucking and Loren Ford trucking. Ehrig made a motion to continue to use Ford, second by Allison, motion carried by unanimous vote.
Wendy expressed a thank you to the following persons for helping with the newsletter: Avon and Kathy Bennett, Zack Hughes and Taylor Nicholas. The board of directors would like a letter of thanks sent to those persons who helped. Wendy turned in a vacation time off request of 1 ½ days, Friday November 24th and Saturday November 25th. Motion made by Nicholas to approve Wendy’s vacation, second by Selken, motion carried by unanimous vote.
Board members are to look at draft of cover for 2007 Directory.
William Olson the lake attorney met with the board of directors on Thursday November 2, 2006 to reorginaze the bylaws, rules, etc., he will have a draft to the board by December 15, 2006.

Communication received by the Board:
Mark Morarie would like an easement to build a pond on part of Holiday Lake Property adjoining West Ryan Park this will help with the Walnut Creek watershed. This was tabled until the board of directors can contact the lake attorney and speak with Craig Hempy next Thursday. Vadena Fisher asked that all ballots be kept for 60 days after elections and than destroyed be put in the bylaws. Allison made a motion to contact the attorney and have added to the bylaws to keep ballots for 60 days and then be destroyed Ehrig second, motion carried by unanimous vote.

Next board of directors meeting is scheduled for Thursday, December 14, 2006 at 6:30 p.m. in the Maintenance Office
Motion to adjourn by Selken, seconded by Allison, motion carried by unanimous vote.
Meeting adjourned at 8:20 P.M.
Minutes taken by Wendy Schwab Office Manager
Typed by Wendy Schwab Office Manager