Holiday Lake
Board of Directors Meeting
Thursday, February 8, 2007
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Members in Attendance:
Elizabeth Allison, Jim Clayton Jr., Larry Ehrig, Brian Nicholas, Amy Morrow and Duane Selken,
all board members were present.
President Jim Clayton Jr. called the meeting to order at 6:30 P.M.
Allison read the Secretary’s report from January 11, 2007.
Ehrig read the Treasurer’s report from September 1, 2006 through January 31, 2007

Additions to the Agenda: Under bills for February add Liquid Waste $78.28; Old Business add trees Powell Park, insert for statements, Darryn Abben; New Business add Hearings, Building Permit, Mouchka Fund, 911 emergency.
Take off under new business: Snow Ordinance, Shop door, Quit Claim Deed.

Agenda: Selken made motion to accept agenda with additions, Nicholas seconded, motion carried by unanimous vote.

Hearings: None

Secretary’s Report: January 11, 2007 Selken made motion to accept report, Morrow seconded, motion carried by unanimous vote.

Treasurer’s Report: Allison made motion to accept report, Selken seconded, motion carried by unanimous vote.

Bills presented for payment: Bills were presented. Motion to pay Morrown, seconded by Allison, motion carried by unanimous vote.

Maintenance Report: Kristofer Kempf reported that he has been moving snow, removed the floor in white dump truck and has new steel put in, grader is put back together and everything works.

Community Building Report: Total in accounts $108,260.66, Faas is getting permit to break ground


Security Report: None

Fish Report: None

Water Quality Committee Report: None

Silt and Dredge Committee Report:

Rural Improvement Zone Report: We are next on his project list.

Old Business:
Poweshiek water will take care of road repairs.
Board met with Par Mar Security and are working out details to help with security this summer.
Jim Clayton Jr. spoke with lake attorney who advised that no easement be given to Mark Morarie due to liability reasons, Nicholas made motion to not allow an easement, seconded by Allison, motion carried by unanimous vote.
Wendy spoke with Greg Harrison from in DNR regarding otter’s in the lake, he said they would not affect a lake our size and there should not be any need to restock with fish, he suggested escape structures for the fish and would come out in the spring if needed.
The dock at the end of Fleur Drive that Nicholas had concerns about is not owned by Holiday Lake.
2007 fees, Wendy read the following: “On December 14, 2006 the Holiday Lake Board of Directors resolved that the maintenance fees shall be assessed and billed on the 1st of March of each calendar year, are payable on the 1st of April of each calendar year, and are delinquent if not paid on or before the 1st of May of each year. The Holiday Lake Board of Directors will take whatever steps necessary to enforce the collection of fees that are delinquent.” this will be sent with every statement on colored paper so that every lot owner is aware of the new resolution.
Discussion was held regarding what the 2007 fees will be, no amount was arrived at. It was determined that the lake the attorney would be contacted to determine what amount can be added for the Consumer Price Index. Wendy noted that when she asked last month about contacting the attorney about the Consumer Price Index and was told not to contact him. Motion was made by Ehrig to use the Social Security percentage of October in the future, providing the attorney says it follows our by-laws. Allison seconded, motion carried by unanimous vote.
Morrow made a motion, to accept building permit for Unit 2 Lot 124, Gibbs, Allison seconded, motion carried by unanimous vote. Jim Clayton Jr. noted that the following would be added to Building codes: Septic tank locations must be drawn out on the building plans, a copy of approved Poweshiek County Board of Health Application for Permit to Construct, reconstruct or alter a private Sewage Disposal System.
Request for trees for Powell Park and other areas of the lake has been posted on the website.
Jim Clayton Jr. spoke with the lake attorney regarding culvert on lot 212 in unit 4 owned by Darryn Abben, a letter was sent stating that Holiday Lake will not make any changes or repairs to the culvert.

New Business:
Volunteer’s are needed for water patrol this summer, this will be posted on the website.
Insert will be sent with the statements asking for information about each lot owners mechanical septic systems, information gathered will be used to assure that Holiday Lake Subdivision maintains the best water quality possible for present and future generations.
Snow Ordinance was taken off agenda
Nicholas made a motion to buy oxygen and acetylene tanks instead of renting them, Selken seconded, motion carried by unanimous vote.
Ehrig made a motion to switch can redemption companies to Shephard’ Redemption, Allison seconded, motion carried by unanimous vote.
Allison made a motion to donate $50.00 to BGM After Prom Party, Selken seconded, motion carried by unanimous vote.
Spring meeting will be held on Saturday May 12, 2007, at 10:00 a.m. Powell Park.
Jim Clayton Jr. and Duane Selken met with Eqip and signed an application to receive grant money.
Unit 2 Lot 316 was deeded back to Holiday Lake was put in Forest Reserve.
Letter with $75.00 corporate assessment will be sent to lot owner unit 3 lots 132,133 for camper left after October 31st.
The American Flag will be put at ½ mast until after funeral of any person from Iowa who is casualty from the war.
Ehrig presented gate prices: 4-15’ gates with 6” steel post and hardware - $850.00. Each additional foot is $9.00 a foot. Need measure what size we need for sure. Also need stop signs on both sides of the gates. Morrow made a motion to purchase 4 stop signs, seconded by Ehrig, motion carried, by unanimous vote.
Shop door was taken off agenda.
Selken made the motion to pay off bank loan, Morrow seconded, motion carried, by unanimous vote.
On Saturday February 17, 2007 the Brooklyn Fire Department will be doing a controlled burn at unit 1 lot 18.
Quit Claim Deed was taken off the agenda.
Wendy requested Saturday February 17, 2007 off for vacation, Morrow made the motion to grant Wendy ½ day of vacation, seconded by Allison, motion carried, by unanimous vote.
Hearings for past maintenance will be on February 14, 2007 at 1:15 p.m., Selken and Clayton will meet the lake attorney at the Montezuma Court house to represent the lake.
Building permit for unit 1 lot 18 – Angel was presented and tabled until Morrow and Ehrig will look at.
People can drop off donations at the office during normal business hours for Bill and Deb Mouchka who lot all of their belongings in house fire on February 4, 2007. Sizes and additional items required will be posted on the website.
Clayton asked that each director get 2-3 full time residents for an Emergency Response Committee to help escort ambulance or fire department in case of emergency.

Communication received by the Board: None

Next board of directors meeting is scheduled for Thursday, March 8, 2007 at 6:30 p.m. in the Maintenance Office
Motion to adjourn by Selken, seconded by Morrow, motion carried by unanimous vote.
Meeting adjourned at 7:46 P.M.

Minutes taken by Wendy Schwab Office Manager
Typed by Wendy Schwab Office Manager