Holiday Lake
Board of Directors Meeting
Thursday, May 10, 2007
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Members in Attendance:
Elizabeth Allison, Jim Clayton Jr., Larry Ehrig, Brian Nicholas, Amy Morrow and Duane Selken all board members were present.

President Jim Clayton Jr. called the meeting to order at 6:34 P.M.

Allison read the Secretary’s report from April 12, 2007.
Ehrig read the Treasurer’s report from September 1, 2006 through April 30, 2007
Ehig read the current Bills.

Additions to the Agenda: Under New Business add: Chad Winters garbage and tires, Bake Sale May 26; Under Communication Received by the Board add: Kathy Kauffman safety of atv/golf carts, Elizabeth Allison Leisure Park Funds, Duane Popenhagen Andy’s Pond and Rose Mattison gates.

Agenda: Selken made motion to accept agenda with additions, Nicholas seconded, motion carried by unanimous vote.

Hearings: None

Secretary’s Report: April 12, 2007 Morrow made motion to accept report, Ehrig seconded, motion carried by unanimous vote.

Treasurer’s Report: Morrow made motion to accept report, Allison seconded, motion carried by unanimous vote.

Bills presented for payment: Bills were presented. Motion to pay Allison, seconded by Selken, motion carried by unanimous vote.

Maintenance Report: None

Community Building Report: Total in accounts $109,617.66


Security Report:

Fish Report: None

Water Quality Committee Report: William Vileta reported that coves will be cleaned out again this year. Last year they used 2 bags of copper sulfate per cove. Faas Construction had submitted a bid to clean out the catch basin at the South Dock this was approved and waiting to be done. Barley Bales can be purchased to help with the algae.

Silt and Dredge Committee Report: Duane Selken reported that there was a good turn out for the silt meeting and they will write up suggestions and get to the board.

Rural Improvement Zone Report: Harold Vokoun reported that we are waiting for bids from Faas Construction on projects over the next 5-10 years. After this information is obtained it will be sent to the attorney for him to submit to Poweshiek County.

Old Business:
Still looking for persons to donate trees for the Holiday Lake Subdivision.
Junk vehicles was tabled until a list can be made up of all of the ones around the lake.
Spring meeting is Saturday May 12th at 10:00 a.m. at Powell Park, Wayne Petersen from NRCS will be there to talk about Rain Gardens. This is an informal meeting and everyone is welcome to attend.
The upcoming events are posted in the newsletter and on the website please keep this for future reference.

New Business:
A thank you was expressed to Farm Bureau for their donation of plastic Easter eggs.
Morrow made motion to approve building permit Pipho Unit 2 Lots 170,171, seconded by Selken, motion carried by unanimous vote.
Clayton read a number of golf cart/atv complaints.
The clutch went out of the Landpride mower for the third year in a row at a cost of around $1,586.53 each time.Holiday Lake Board of Directors approved the purchase of a new mower for $9,630.00.
The red flag will be up over the weekend to alert lot owners that there is a no wake rule in effect due to high water. Duane suggested that cones be placed at each ramp to help alert everyone.
Selken made a motion that any person with out current recreational stickers displayed after June 10 will be charged with a coporate assessment in the amount of $15.00, seconded by Ehrig, motion carried by unanimous vote. Next year the deadline will be May 1st.
A letter will be sent to Unit 3 Lot 55 owner Rooff asking that a silt fence be installed on the lot to help with erosion.
A thank you was extended to Clayton Construction for the use of their trailer to pick up security gates.
A company will be taking aerial photos in the lake area; information is available at the office during normal business hours. Holiday Lake will not be doing this.
A petition was presented to the board of directors regarding ATV trail be established at the end of Woodland Hills Drive. All lot owners who have paid all their required fees will vote on this at the annual meeting.
A thank you was presented to the board for their donation of $50.00 to the After Prom Party.
Letter will be sent to Chad Winters asking him to remove the garbage and tires within 30 days.
The Holiday Lake Community Center will hold a bake sale in the maintenance shop on Saturday May 26th.

Communication received by the Board:
Clayton Jr. explained that a donation of $20,000.00 was received to go for security. Per Mar security was hired to help monitor incoming traffic.Gates will be installed at Caron Drive and Buena Vista about 6 times during the summer to prevent outside atv’s and boats from coming in.
Maggie Adams asked about guests coming in. The security will have a list of lot owner’s names and guest will just have to say who they are coming to see.
John Banzhaf was concerned that it would be a gated community. This is too expensive of a cost but something needed to be done to help with security.
Tom Dvorsky asked if the cost of the donation will cover the expense of the security personal, the donation will cover for a least two years.
Kathy Kauffman spoke about the children that are too young to be riding atv/golf carts and the parents are responsible if they get in an accident. Problems are starting already on Wesley Drive and when she called Poweshiek Sheriff Office did not get a positive response. Lot owners need to contact Poweshiek County Board of Supervisors when no cooperation is received from the Sheriff’s office.
Elizabeth Allison stated that she had never received $3,000.00 for work on Leisure Park. So she can not give back something she never had.
Duane Popenhagen asked if Andy’s had been treated for algae, this has not been done and the cost of treating Bozo will be checked into.
Rose Mattison was going to ask about the gates, but her questions had been answered though out the meeting. She did inquire if additional security could be hired to help Mark Baugh out. This will be checked into.

Next board of directors meeting is scheduled for Thursday, June 14, 2007 at 6:30 p.m. in the Maintenance Office

Motion to adjourn by Nicholas, seconded by Morrow, motion carried by unanimous vote.

Meeting adjourned at 7:43 P.M.

Minutes taken by Wendy Schwab Office Manager
Typed by Wendy Schwab Office Manager