Holiday Lake
Board of Directors Meeting
Thursday, June 14, 2007
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Members in Attendance:
Elizabeth Allison, Jim Clayton Jr., Larry Ehrig, Brian Nicholas, Amy Morrow and Duane Selken all board members were present.

President Jim Clayton Jr. called the meeting to order at 6:32 P.M.

Allison read the Secretaryís report from May 10, 2007.
Ehrig read the Treasurerís report from September 1, 2006 through May 31, 2007
Ehig read the current Bills.

Additions to the Agenda: Under New Business add: Annual Picnic, Building permit-Keeling, Volunteers:
Under Communication Received by the Board add: Jackie Drake-gates, Donna Hamilton-garage sales.

Agenda: Nicholas made motion to accept agenda with additions, Morrow seconded, motion carried by unanimous vote.

Hearings: Ken Schwartz appeared to say that he had guests that overextended their privileges and they no longer are allowed to ride ATVís.

Secretaryís Report: May 10, 2007 Selken made motion to accept report, Morrow seconded, motion carried by unanimous vote.

Treasurerís Report: Allison made motion to accept report, Morrow seconded, motion carried by unanimous vote.

Bills presented for payment: Bills were presented. Motion to pay Allison, seconded by Selken, motion carried by unanimous vote.

Maintenance Report: Kris reported he has been mowing, grading, hauling rock, planting and replanting trees that were donated as someone keeps pulling them out.

Community Building Report: Total in accounts $112,056.39

Website: Ken reported that he has a picture gallery started and you can e-mail pictures to him. Please notify him with ideas or any problems. A round of applause was given for the work done on the website.

Security Report: Security report presented to board by Mark Baugh

Fish Report: None

Water Quality Committee Report: Connie Sjerven asked that people use water friendly "phosphate free" products when fertilizing your lawn. Ehrig reported that Bozo Pond and some of the main lake has been treated for algae.

Silt and Dredge Committee Report: Duane Selken reported that when the dredge was put in the lake it took on water so had to be pulled out again. It will be welded and valves put in to make sure it is holding pressure.

Rural Improvement Zone Report: Harold Vokoun, Duane Selken and Larry Ehrig need to get projected numbers together for improvements over the next 5 to 10 years.

Bath house/camping Report: None

Nominating Committee Report: Kim Pendarvis reported the following for the nominating committee: Unit One - Jerry Westra, Unit Four - Larry Pendarvis, Unit Five - Dan Hanover.
They will count the absentee ballots after the office is closed on Saturday August 18, 2007. The end of June is the deadline for board candidates.

Old Business:
Thank you letters were signed for Vadena Fisher and Mike Hagen who donated trees for the Holiday Lake Subdivision.
Mark Baugh presented a list of junk vehicles to the board of directors.
By-laws, rules and building codes with attorney suggestions were discussed and tabled.

New Business:
Morrow made motion to approve building permit Herman Unit 3 Lots 206,207, seconded by Ehrig, motion carried by unanimous vote.
Poweshiek County property tax sale will be held on Monday, June 18, 2007.
Due to some people asking for the maximum amount of vehicle stickers. The maximum is now four vehicle stickers per lot owner, if additional stickerís are required, a copy of the registration of all the vehicles of lot owner name(s) must be provided to the Holiday Lake Maintenance Office before stickers will be given.
Questions to security concerns by Ron Ellis, Everett Kramer and David Lehman were answered by the Board of Directors in written correspondence.
First notices were sent to Todd Linden, Richard Spring and Dwayne Tanke for boating violations.
First violation notice was sent to Brian Nusbaum regarding his loose dog.
Notice was sent to Robert Pursley for removal of his two dogs by June 15, 2007 due to a number of complaints received about them being loose and chasing people.
First notices was sent to: Rick Freese and Bonita McKusker-Burnham for ATV violations.
Complaints were presented to the board regarding, junk cars, tree pile, dilapidated house, ATVís and Fireworks, these will be reviewed to see what can be done.
Kathy Bennett will be gone from Tuesday June19, 2007 through Sunday June 24, 2007, Kris and board members will maintain the bathhouse, Kim Pendarvis will collect camping fees.
Wendy Schwab requested vacation time for the afternoon of Friday June 29, 2007 and Saturday June 30, 2007 off. Office will be closed on Friday afternoon and Elizabeth Allison will fill in on Saturday June 30, 2007.
Wendy Schwab requested vacation time the week of July 9, 2007. No one will fill in that week.
These dates will be posted on the office door and website.
Morrow made the motion to approve Wendy Schwab vacation, seconded by Ehrig, motion carried by unanimous vote.
Allison made a motion to purchase same amount of meat and buns for the annual picnic and meeting as last year, Nicholas seconded, motion carried by unanimous vote.
Kris Kempf will pick up charcoal and additional items needed for the picnic.
Building permit for Les Keeling Unit 2 Lot 86 was tabled until the building commission can look at it.
The sign up volunteer sheet was passed around to help collect money for fireworks on Saturday June 30, 2007.

Communication received by the Board: Katie Tomlinson asked for a donation for the golf cart/ATV parade, no one over the age of 16 can win a prize and no one can exchange prizes after they have been given. Nicholas make the motion to give $25.00 for the golf cart/ATV parade, Morrow seconded, motion carried by unanimous vote.
Mary Roudabush asked if the junior class could sell glow sticks/necklaces at the beach the day of the fireworks the Board of Directors approved this, as it is a fundraiser.
Richard Hinz, Dennis and Dan Kohls asked the board about leaving their campers at Holiday Lake year around. This is part of the Covenants and in every lot owners Abstract. It has to go through the court system to be changed.
Allison reported that there is a Rottweiler dog on East Ridge Drive that no one claims. Call Poweshiek County Sheriff office.
Sheri Boyle has someone to sing the National Anthem, Nicholas will contact him or her.
Jackie Drake would like the security gates removed. Poweshiek County Sheriff, Ambulance and Fire Department were all contacted and none of them wanted a key. All emergency contacts will be asked again if they want a key.
Donna Hamilton gave all board members the Garage Sales report. She will no longer coordinate the garage sales and Wendy Schwab will not collect money. Round of applause was given to Donna and Jim.

Next board of directors meeting is scheduled for Thursday, July 12, 2007 at 6:30 p.m. in the Maintenance Office
Motion to adjourn by Morrow, seconded by Selken, motion carried by unanimous vote.
Meeting adjourned at 7:31 P.M.
Minutes taken by Wendy Schwab Office Manager
Typed by Wendy Schwab Office Manager