Holiday Lake
Board of Directors Meeting
Thursday, December 13, 2007
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Members in Attendance:
Charlie Aiels, Audrey Brickman, Jim Clayton Jr. Larry Ehrig, Dale Howe, Amy Morrow, and Duane Selken were present.

Vice President Audrey Brickman called the meeting to order at 6:32 P.M.
Dale Howe read the Secretary’s report from November 8, 2007.
Larry Ehrig read the Treasurer’s report as of November 31, 2007.
Larry Ehrig read the current bills.
Audrey Brickman reminded all to sign the sign-in sheet as present at this meeting.

Additions to the Agenda: Under New Business add G, Banners; H, Sand for maintenance; I,Bruce Gaddis septic; J, 911 address for Community Building; K, Clarification on $30 fee in original covenant.

Agenda: Duane Selken made a motion to accept the agenda with additions, Dale Howe seconded, motion carried by unanimous vote.

Hearings: None

Secretary Report It was pointed out that the amount given for Community Building windows in the new building was probably the wrong figure. No one present was sure of that amount, so the amount was deleted. Amy Morrow made a motion to accept the report with the changes. Charlie Aiels seconded, motion carried by unanimous vote.

Treasurer’s Report Dale Howe made a motion to accept the report as read, Amy Morrow seconded, motion carried by unanimous vote.

Bills presented for payment: Charlie Aiels made a motion to pay the bills, Duane Selken seconded, motion carried by unanimous vote.

Maintenance Report: Kris Kempf would like to purchase a saw-zall kit and a floor jack. The Board gave approval for the money to come from the general maintenance. All of the sand (160 ton) has already be used up; last year’s whole season used 50 ton. He finished some grading, did some work on ditches, and took care of the icy roads. Thanks were given to him for the fine work on the roads.

Community Building Report: John Kupka reported that the LP tank has been installed and the workers are using a portable heater inside. The electrical wiring is being put up; Fran McAtee and Bill Vileta are heading that up. The septic system outside is complete; the insulation is due to go in any time; JeldWen donated the doors.

Website Report: None.

Security Report: None.

Fish Report: Dick Osborne reported that the fish had been delivered and Jim Clayton Jr. put them in. New members have been appointed to the Fish Committee; now there are others who will know what the committee is doing and can carry on business if and when someone resigns from the committee. Jim Clayton Jr. reported that there were 600 perch put in the Lake. Ernie Tomlinson and Gene Prusha were selected from the list of volunteers from the previous meeting to serve on the Fish Committee. Thanks to those for being willing to serve.

Water Quality Report: None.

Silt/Dredge Report: Duane Selken reported that he, Larry Ehrig and possibly Jim Clayton Jr. would take a trip up to Wisconsin to check out the pontoon replacements to see if they would work for our dredge. Then they could find out the value of the dredge, in terms of selling.

Rural Improvement Zone Report: No new activity on that scene, but we do need to try to find Holiday Lake-friendly people to serve on the board. The current members of the County Board of Supervisors have not really made it clear why they are saying no to the request. One of their hesitations is that the new jail for the county needs money; the schools would be out some money also. It was pointed out that Lake Panorama got the money from Guthrie County. The money we are asking for would only be the amount of taxes that would be generated from new construction at the Lake. The lot owners at Holiday Lake pay a lot of taxes to the County ($580,000). The amount that should come to Holiday Lake is somewhere between $65,000 and $84,000. The TIF that cities can use was brought up and some comparisons made. TIF money is shared by a broader base of users. The question of the schools losing any money the Lake would get was brought up; it was explained that the schools would lose the money for one year only. Robert Josten does not see any new action by the current Board. The solution would be to get someone new on the Board of Supervisors.

Old Business:
A: ATV Trail - Tabled until January meeting.
B: Age Limit - Larry Ehrig read the resolution.

Re: Use of Recreational Vehicles by Minors

WHEREAS the safety of lot owners, their family and guests is a legitimate and paramount concern to Holiday Lake Maintenance Co. and
WHEREAS the Board of Directors of Holiday Lake Maintenance Co. has observed minors of tender years operating recreational vehicles with electric or motorized power on the Lake or on the commons of land at Holiday Lake under circumstances which the Board deems to be unsafe now therefore
BE IT RESOLVED by the Board of Directors of Holiday Lake Maintenance Co. that the following policy regarding the operation of any recreational vehicle on the surface of the Lake or on land which forms part of the commons of Holiday Lake be governed by the following policy:
No minor under the age of 14 years shall be permitted, to operate a recreational vehicle using electrical or motorized power on the surface of Holiday Lake or upon land forming part of the commons of Holiday Lake, unless accompanied by an adult
The term "recreational vehicle" as used in this resolution includes, but is not limited to, non-street legal, all terrain vehicles, golf carts, motorcycles, motorized bicycles, mopeds, dune buggies, go-carts, snowmobiles, any motorized or electrically driven boat or jet ski.
In the event that manufacturers of recreational vehicles suggest or require a minimum age above 14 years the suggested or required minimum established by the manufacturer shall govern under this resolution.
In the event that the laws of the United States, the State of Iowa or any regulatory standard adopted pursuant to such law establishes a minimum age for the operation of any particular recreational vehicle or any particular kind of recreational vehicle which minimum is greater than 14 years of age the major operation established by Law or regulation such higher minimum age shall govern under this resolution.
This policy applies to the immediate families of lot owners or to any guests of lot owners visiting the Lake.
Violation of this policy shall subject the lot owner whose minor family member or minor guest is the violator to corporate assessment and/or loss of privileges with respect to use of recreational vehicles normally extended to lot owners.

Charlie Aiels made a motion to accept the resolution, Amy Morrow seconded, motion carried by unanimous vote. Jim Clayton Jr. made a further clarification that this policy will not mean that this will be a highly policed one; if people are complying with road/water rules and courtesies, no check up will be applied. The Resolution is in answer to several letters received by the Board requesting some protection from reckless driving. No report, no foul.
C: Vertical blinds - office. We are waiting for another quote before we proceed.
D: Gregory Johnson - dogs loose. He was sent a letter of warning, and he replied that he was out town at that time and the dogs were not his. An apology letter will be sent.
E: Campers - Larry Hlas He had been sent a letter informing him of the fine for not removing his Camper by October 31. He responded by requesting that the fine be forgiven, as he had extenuating circumstances. It was decided that the fine would stay in place; another letter will be sent. Further clarification of the rule that does not allow any camping between Nov. 1 and April 1 was made.
F: Dan Fix - driveway The driveway extends into the road. Current modifications do not correct the problem. Water needs to be diverted in some way. Audrey Brickman read a new letter that is being sent.
G: Pat Johnson - culvert This item will be talked about in Communications Received by the Board.
H: New Fish Committee members This was already taken care of in the Fish Committee report.

New Business:
A: Building permit - Unit 5 Lot 100,101 - Haefner. It has been signed off. Charlie Aiels made a motion to accept the permit, Duane Selken seconded, motion carried by unanimous vote.
B: Complaint - Roads - Jessica Foster It was a complaint about some ice on a flat part of Holiday Lane. It doesn’t seem significant in light of the generally good job of taking care of the icy roads.
C: Building permit - Unit 5 Lot 209 - Watson It has been signed off. Charlie Aiels made a motion to accept the permit, Larry Ehrig seconded, motion carried by unanimous vote.
D: Vadena Fisher - Covenants The whole Covenant was not in the last Newsletter, which leads to some confusion. The Board needs to be sure complete items are in the Newsletter.
E: Old Locks The locks have been changed to cut down on the number of keys needed. The old padlocks are being sold for $2/lock. Wendy Schwab is taking care of that.
F: Community website A link to the Community Building was put on the Website. In the future anything to be added to the website should be sent to the Office with the request. Our Webmaster will then put new items on the website.
G: Banners Amy Morrow showed a catalogue of kinds of banners available and suggested that we would need two of them. Amy Morrow made a motion to purchase the brackets to be put up at each entrance, Larry Ehrig seconded, motion carried by unanimous vote. Banners for different seasons will then be purchased. Donors may want to purchase other event banners. Prices vary.
H: Sand for maintenance Some people have been allowed to get sand for private use from the Maintenance Shed. In the interest of fairness, no one is allowed to take that sand, as it is meant to be used for the roads. JC Miller noted that Manatts has some on hand for sale. Everyone should prepare for the winter. It was also pointed out there is Rock Quarry near Marengo on Highway 6 that will give sand for free for children’s sandboxes.
I: Bruce Gaddis - septic When he purchased the land, Bruce was given one year to upgrade the septic system. There was a delay, since the mechanical septics were not honored by the Board, waiting more research. In March, 2005, those systems were okayed. Up until now, he has not complied with that order. A letter has been sent to inform him that he has until June 15, 2008, to make the correction. Jim Clayton Jr. also reminded everyone that all of the septic systems on Lake lots need to be up to code as a protection of the water quality of the Lake.
J: 911 Address for the Community Center Wendy Schwab talked to Dawn Disney from Poweshiek County and she recommended 6A as the official address.
K: Clarification of the $30 fee in the original covenant The $30 was the original maintenance fee; it is not current. That amount was in the Old Covenant. Dick Osborne explained that originally the Association did not own the Maintenance. Since then the Association has bought the Maintenance Company.

Communication received by the Board:
A: Pat Johnson - Culvert Pat explained his lot topography and how he had to replace the septic system. There is a steel culvert to divert the water. Now there is trouble finding the other end and he has been getting water in his basement. He needs to change the culvert, but wants to rock over it so he can drive over it in order to park his car. He is requesting enough time in nicer weather to make those changes. Jim Clayton Jr. said it needs to be dual wall, 12 inches. It should be 40 feet long, but a variance can be made for that. Certainly time will be allowed to get the job completed. He also added that the dredge pond uses part of his lot for the stand pipe. He’s wondering if he could then be forgiven the dredging fee. Duane Selken stated the he would do some research, but he would be very surprised if the engineer had used private property for some of the dredging pond.
B: Doug Sanden - Dirt His family has owned two lots since 1964 and there is a Camper parked there in the summer. The Maintenance shaved part of his land, rock and landscaping off when he wasn’t around to be part of that decision. He has three issues: first, that the land and landscaping was shaved off; second, that it was done when he wasn’t’ around; third, the real issue is the water coming down the road from the south side of the road above his property. He had some pictures that illustrated his point. There was some disagreement where his property lines really are. Jim Clayton Jr. asked what he thinks needs to be done. He gave some suggestions, but feels it isn’t fair to have all the water dumped onto his property. Jim said we’d come up with a plan and make the necessary corrections, while in communication with Doug. He requested help with sandbags, if necessary, when the spring waters come
C: Russell Trimble - Cabin Russell is requesting to build a place 14’ x 20’ next to the spot he has his camper. He wants a clarification of what is meant by a residential facility. The covenant states that any residential facility must be at least 550 sq ft. He can add on a porch to meet the requirement. Jim Clayton Jr. explained that the reason for the rule is that the Board would like to keep people from building shacks on their lot. So he could do it with the porch, but it wouldn’t be what the Board would prefer. He would be putting in a concrete slab, so it would look nice.

Our next board meeting will be January 10, 2008, at 6:30 P.M.
Motion to adjourn was made by Jim Clayton Jr., seconded by Duane Selken, motion carried by unanimous vote.
Meeting adjourned at 7:58.

Subsequent to the meeting, Jim Clayton Jr. announced a new way of donating to the new Community Building so that the donation would be tax deductible. The check should be made out to “Brooklyn Community Foundation”, with the memo notation “Holiday Lake”. The Foundation then will send the money to Holiday Lake Community Building Fund. Anyone who has questions about doing this should check with his/her own accountant.
Minutes taken and typed by Dale Howe, Board Secretary.
Dale Howe - Holiday Lake Board Secretary

Attest to: Audrey Brickman - Holiday Lake Board Vice-President