Holiday Lake
Board of Directors Meeting
Thursday, January 1, 2008
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Members in Attendance:
Charlie Aiels, Audrey Brickman, Larry Ehrig, Dale Howe, Amy Morrow, and Duane Selken were present. Jim Clayton, Jr. was absent.

Vice President Audrey Brickman called the meeting to order at 6:35 P.M.
Dale Howe read the Secretary’s report from December 13, 2007.
Larry Ehrig read the Treasurer’s report as of December 31, 2007.
Larry Ehrig read the current bills.
Audrey Brickman reminded all to sign the sign-in sheet as present at this meeting.

Additions to the Agenda: Under New Business add M, Signs by Fisher for Powell Park Sign; under Communication Received by the Board add D, Connie Roepke, parked vehicles; E, Tom Dvorsky.

Agenda: Duane Selken made a motion to accept the agenda with additions, Charlie Aiels seconded, motion carried by unanimous vote.

Hearings: None

Secretary Report Under New Business, C, Larry Ehrig’s name is misspelled. In Communication received by the Board, A, fourth line, extra word “way.” Larry Ehrig made a motion to accept the report with the changes. Amy Morrow seconded, motion carried by unanimous vote.

Treasurer’s Report Dale Howe made a motion to accept the report as read, Duane Selken seconded, motion carried by unanimous vote.

Bills presented for payment: Charlie Aiels made a motion to pay the bills, Amy Morrow seconded, motion carried by unanimous vote.

Maintenance Report: Kris Kempf reported that got rid of some of the ice. His time has been spent plowing and working on the roads. He’s used 160 tons of sand so far this year; only 50 tons were used in the whole last season.

Community Building Report: John Kupka reported that the insulation has been completed. The plumbing was tested. The furnace people will start next week. Electrical work is coming along. Audrey Brickman stated that she had been inside and it looks nice; she encouraged others to take time to look.

Website Report: None.

Security Report: None.

Fish Report: Dick Osborne had nothing new to report. The new committee has not met yet.

Silt/Dredge Report: Duane Selken reported that he, Larry Ehrig and Jim Clayton Jr. made the trip up to Somerset, Wisconsin to check out the pontoon replacements. The pontoons weren’t exactly the right ones, but could be made to work. Personnel there told them they had been given the wrong quote; it should have been $17,900 instead of $9500. After a short meeting, they decided that they would honor the quote given. The Holiday Lake crew asked how the market is for used dredges right now and were told that our dredge would be attractive to farmers looking to clean farm ponds. We should be able to get $35,000 to $40,000 for our dredge as is. Putting on the new pontoons might put our dredge out of the market for the farmers; it might be better not to make improvements. Holiday Lake definitely needs to change dredges; this one has a cable system, which is not safe, and so far we’ve been able to avoid anyone being injured or killed. We paid $100,000 for this one ten years ago. Larry Ehrig said that we do not need a dredge for a few more years. It was decided we should sell ours. It was suggested that we talk to Manatts and L W Mattison in Burlington before purchasing a new one

Rural Improvement Zone Report: No report, but we will not give up on trying to get those funds.

Old Business:
A: ATV Trail - Audrey Brickman said that she would be getting more info on and pictures of the layout of those trails.
B: Vertical Blinds - Office We have two quotes but will get another one.
C: Covenants - Wendy Schwab reported that when she took the job, she was given a Covenant to give to new people as they bought lots. She realizes now that it is an incomplete Covenant. The Board needs to be sure that she’s giving a correct and complete updated version of the Covenant. It can be updated every ten years. Larry Ehrig made a motion that an updated version of the Covenant be sent to our attorney for him to make sure everything in it is correct and current. Dale Howe seconded, the motion carried by unanimous vote.
D: Pat Johnson - Unit 4 Lots 52, 53, standpipe - More information is needed from Wayne Whitmer’s archives in order to determine the next action to be taken.
E: Dan Fix - driveway - Tabled, waiting for a clarification of lot lines.

New Business
A: BGM After Prom Donation - Duane Selken made a motion to send $50 to the After Prom Committee, Charlie Aiels seconded, motion carried by unanimous vote.
B: 2008 Vehicle Registration Form Audrey Brickman read the new form.


Please display current square vehicle sticker on lower driver’s side windshield.

Maximum amount of vehicle stickers is four per lot owner. If you require more than four you must provide either the registration or title of all vehicles. (This form must be filled out in full before stickers will be issued)

2008 VEHICLE REGISTRATION PLEASE - FILL OUT IN FULL - Year, make, plate number


C: 2008 Recreational Registration Form - Audrey Brickman read the new form. Amy Morrow made a motion to accept the form with these changes: add "orange" in front of "safety flag" and add "a foot above" after "flag", Duane Selken seconded, motion carried by unanimous vote.


Land craft and Watercraft registration - 2008
Pursuant to Articles XI section C there is an annual user fee of $15.00 per land craft and water craft that is due April 1, 2008. This notice is being sent 30 days in advance of the due date so that you will have ample opportunity to remit the fee promptly. Please make the checks payable to Holiday Lake Maintenance Company (address above) Upon receipt of your filled out registration form, proof of ownership and your payment of $15.00 per Land craft
January 10, 2008 Board minutes continued:
or Watercraft your stickers will be mailed to you or you may stop in the office and take care of this. A $30.00 service fee will be charged for returned checks.


Land craft - All vehicles, (other than passenger cars, trucks, motor homes, construction and maintenance vehicles) This includes, (non street legal), motorcycles, mopeds, mini bikes, ATV’s (3 &4) wheelers, snowmobiles, golf carts and any other motor vehicles. All land craft must have working headlights and tail lights if out after dark.
All land craft recreational vehicles must have an orange safety flag mounted on the craft, which extends not less than one foot above the top of the vehicle.

No minor under the age of 14 years shall be permitted, to operate a recreational vehicle unless accompanied by an adult. In the event that manufacturers of recreational vehicles suggest or require a minimum age above 14 years the suggested or required minimum established by the manufacturer shall govern.

Water craft - All motor boats, sailboats, paddleboats, rowboats, trolling boats, pontoon boats, canoes, jet skis, kayaks and wind surfers.

Ice Fishing - Any lake member that is going to ice fish must purchase a sticker in the amount of $15.00 each season.

RED FLAG: on the dam and at the North and South boat ramps indicate NO WAKE due to high water.

Remember that NO guest watercraft is allowed on the lake and only one motorized watercraft per lot is allowed on the lake at anytime. NO guest recreational land craft is allowed in the Holiday Lake Subdivision.
I the undersigned realize that operation of the above water and land craft and watercraft is dangerous. I agree I will not hold responsible the Holiday Lake Owners’ Association, Inc., Holiday Lake Maintenance Company, Holiday Lake Board of Directors or any of its entities, in the event of any accident or injury incurred while within the boundaries of Holiday Lake Subdivision.


D: Dredge - Dale Howe made a motion to sell the current dredge, Larry Ehrig seconded, the motion carried by unanimous vote. Larry Ehrig and Duane Selken will try to sell the dredge; the funds will be put into a fund for a new dredge.
E: Osborne/NRCS catch basin Dick Osborne has volunteered his land to put in a new catch basin that would relieve the current catch basin on Larry’s Drive. The water currently goes across Showalter’s land and then onto ours and in the current catch basin. It has to be emptied often; a five-inch rain would be more than that basin could handle. This new basin would slow the water and the silt so that the basin at Larry’s Drive would not have to be emptied as often. If the new basin is completed by June 1, 2008, 75% (approximately $7500) of it would be paid for by government funds, with Holiday Lake Association responsible for the remainder ($2500). After that date Jeremy Saugstad at the NRCS office will be gone. Larry Ehrig made a motion to go ahead with the digging of the catch basin on Dick Osborne’s property, Charlie Aiels seconded, motion carried by unanimous vote.
F: Truck/plow/sander - The current truck has 40,000 miles on it. It has become increasingly fragile; the transmission is not working correctly. The plow is ten years old and needs repair at the present. The sander is ten years old. A break-down may mean that it would be out of commission for several days. Larry Ehrig proposed that a new truck and plow are needed. He suggested that we upgrade, getting diesel and going up one level in size, in terms of the truck, and try to sell the old one. He and Duane Selken had done some research and were talking about spending $35,000, which is $3500 a year, if you spread it over ten years. The old are in need of repairs requiring $1200 - $1500. Larry Ehrig made the motion to purchase a new truck with a plow and a new sander, Charlie Aiels seconded, motion carried by unanimous vote. It was suggested that we contact Taylor Auto Body when selling the old truck.
G: Vehicles in roadway/Francis, Spinler - These individuals have vehicles parked on Lakeshore Drive in a place that makes plowing and sanding difficult. Each has received a courtesy call, asking them to remove the vehicles. Since that has not been done, letters are being sent with the request.
January 10, 2008 Board minutes continued:
H: 2008 CPI/Maintenance Fees - The change in the Maintenance Fee is determined by the attorney, after looking at the given CPI. When that amount is determined, we will round down to the nearest half dollar in order to facilitate change-making. It was determined last year that the attorney would figure that amount and that Wendy Schwab would just apply that to the Maintenance Fee.
I: Maintenance Assistance - Marvin Herman - culvert - That property is at the East end of Ford’s cove. Nothing can be done until their garage is completed and Spring comes.
J: Donations: Holiday Lake Community Center - Audrey Brickman read the proposed wording of the notice. It will go out with the invoices of the annual billing for Lot assessments.
-In order to complete the interior of our new Holiday Lake Community Building, we need substantial donations. We have established a new method for making donations that would allow it to be tax deductible, if applicable. Consult with your accountant for questions. If interested, please make out a separate check to the "Brooklyn Community Foundation" with a memo notation of "Holiday Lake Donation". The foundation will then forward the money to the Holiday Lake Community Building Fund. Please consider enclosing a check along with this invoice to help complete our project".
K: Wording for Website - Audrey Brickman read the new wording for stickers and for guests at Holiday Lake.
"All guests must have a guest pass and be accompanied by lot owner when using any facilities within the Holiday Lake Subdivision".
"Any person without a current recreational sticker displayed after May 1st will be charged with a corporate assessment in the amount of $15.00 in addition to the cost of sticker".
It is meant as a reminder to everyone to have a sticker or be liable for a fine, as well as purchasing the sticker. A question was raised about having people put one sticker on the trailer; it was decided that watching for the sticker on the boat and the sticker on the vehicle is enough.
L: Office Vacation Request - Wendy Schwab is requesting vacation on Monday, January 14; Monday, January 21; Saturday, January 26 (1/2 day); Monday, January 28; and Monday, February 18. Larry Ehrig made a motion to approve those vacation days, Charlie Aiels seconded, motion carried by unanimous vote. The Office will be closed those days; a sign will be on the door. Wendy Schwab stated that Kris Kempf checks the answering machine in her absence.
M: Signs by Fisher for Powell Park Sign The sign at the park is showing age and is shabby. Wendy Schwab had a proposal from Fisher for a new sign. It would be 8 feet long, 36 inches tall, be white aluminum and be $300.00. It says “Powell Playground Named in honor of Hobert C & Marion Powell, former owners of the land this playground was established in 1964 as part of the complete outdoor recreational facilities. It is dedicated the perpetual enjoyment of Holiday Lake property owners and their guests.” The proposal did not have the logo or the color on it. Duane Selken made the motion to commission Fisher to make the sign with colors and logos to match the other signage in the Holiday Lake Area, Larry Ehrig seconded, motion carried by unanimous vote.

Communication received by the Board:
A: Tom Sheets - Poweshiek County Sales Tax. The Sheriff of Poweshiek spoke about the proposed sales tax vote coming up February 5. He explained the purpose of the vote on the Local Option Sales Tax and the need for a new jail for the county. He spoke on the two issues for twenty minutes. One of the responses from the group was that it is hard to back something for the County when the Supervisors have repeatedly turned Holiday Lake Board members down for RIZ money.
B: Russ Trimble - Building Permit Russ presented the request for a building with a porch on Lot 237 Unit 6, along with diagrams of the property and lot lines. It was tabled so that Board could study it before deciding to okay it.
C: Glynis Worthington - Teen Dance Glynis, owning Lot 22, Unit 6, has two teenagers and sees a need for a teen dance or maybe a family dance at the beginning of the summer to give the teens an opportunity to meet each other. She was proposing June 14th at the new Community Center. She would do all the organizing of it. A band would be about $400. Perhaps there could be a fee taken at the door. She was requesting approval and some funds. The Board has not done anything like this in the past. Glynis is open to ideas. It was decided to table it and discuss the matter later.
D: Connie Roepke - parked vehicles. She has noticed a couple of vehicles on Lakeshore Drive in Unit 6 that make it dangerous for passing cars. These were the same ones discussed earlier in New Business: Francis and Spinler. Letters are in process. A notice has been put in past newsletters asking people to keep the roadways clear; no resolution was passed by the Board. In addition, Connie mentioned the need for a snow fence on the land near the Community Center.
E: Tom Dvorsky - He registered a complaint about the fact that there was no sand put on the roads after the snow of that day. He had just come from helping his wife who had just gotten stuck after sliding on the road near the south boat dock. It was noted that it hadn’t stopped snowing until after 6:30; the plowing has to be completed before sand can be dropped. His request is that the hills get sanded. It was noted and the promise given that sand would be put down that night.

Our next board meeting will be February 14, 2008, at 6:30 P.M.
Motion to adjourn was made by Duane Selken., seconded by Charlie Aiels, motion carried by unanimous vote.
Meeting adjourned at 8:23 P.M.

Minutes taken and typed by Dale Howe, Board Secretary.

Dale Howe - Holiday Lake Board Secretary

Attest to: Audrey Brickman - Holiday Lake Board Vice-President