Holiday Lake
Board of Directors Meeting
Thursday, May 8, 2008
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Members in Attendance: Charlie Aiels, Audrey Brickman, Larry Ehrig, Dale Howe, Amy Morrow, and Duane Selken were present. Jim Clayton, Jr. was absent

Vice President Audrey Brickman called the meeting to order at 6:35 P.M. Dale Howe read the Secretary’s report from April 10, 2008. Larry Ehrig read the Treasurer’s report as of April 30, 2008. Larry Ehrig read the current bills. Everyone was reminded to sign in on the attendance sheet.

Additions to the Agenda: Under Old Business add L, Signs for dams near the little lakes; under New Business add J, Character Counts – BGM Elementary.

Agenda: Dale Howe made a motion to accept the agenda with additions, Amy Morrow seconded, motion carried by unanimous vote.

Hearings: None

Secretary Report In New Business, J, change “flash ash” to “fly ash”; in the Rural Improvement Zone report change ”J C” to “J C Miller”. Duane Selken made a motion to accept the report as corrected, Charlie Aiels seconded, motion carried by unanimous vote. There was a discussion about the Chelsea playground equipment notes in the April minutes. What was there was correct and Audrey Brickman asked if anyone knew any more about that issue. Kathy Bennett said that the School Superintendent needed to be contacted. JC Miller said he had done that and was told that after the school is closed, the District puts the equipment up for bid, and that he should call back this summer. Larry Ehrig requested that the Board be reminded, if anyone hears of the bid opening up.

Treasurer’s Report Dale Howe made a motion to accept the report as read, Amy Morrow seconded, motion carried by unanimous vote.

Bills presented for payment: Duane Selken made a motion to pay the bills, Charlie Aiels seconded, motion carried by unanimous vote.

Maintenance Report: Darrin Ehret was introduced as the newly hired maintenance employee. He reported that he’s done some grading and spreading rock, pot hole filling, servicing equipment to get maintenance up to date, mowing, and sign repairs.

Community Building Report: Kim Pendarvis reported that the women’s bathroom is in progress; fixtures will be put in when that is complete. Thirteen round tables are in the building and there are 137 chairs available. There are also rectangular tables available. The rental agreement is back from the attorney; there is still one issue for the Board to okay and then it will be ready to be used. Kim Pendarvis and Pat Link have talked about giving the agreement to those who have already made arrangements to rent.

Fish Report: None

Silt/Dredge Report: Duane Selken reported that the interested gentleman came and got an oil sample. His son who lives in Florida is helping him decide. He called Duane today with further questions, which Duane answered. He wanted some pictures of the dredge, which Duane will email to him. He also wants to know the kind of pump we have; Duane will check on that and have the answer for him when he calls back on Monday.

Rural Improvement Zone Report: Larry Ehrig reported that he is drafting a letter to invite legislators to Holiday Lake on Tuesday, June 17, 2008, at 7:00 p.m. at the Holiday Lake maintenance office for a presentation of an update on our request for RIZ funds. They will be asked for advice on what the Association can do about previous rejections of the requests from the county supervisors. There are two lakes in Iowa that are now getting RIZ funds. The plan is to keep at this until the Association gets the money.

Water Quality: Bill Vileta reported that last Tuesday the water in the lake tested very well. He is working with Jeremy Saugstad from NRCS, who will show them the best sites for testing. Bill Vileta said that some have volunteered to help with the testing of Walnut Creek. Also the signs requesting that boats put into the water be cleaned of anything they would have gotten from other bodies of water will be ready next week. Those are going near the boat docks. Wendy Schwab also reported that Jeremy is sending someone to the Lake to test Walnut Creek for E.coli and for training our volunteers to check for E.coli. It was agreed that it was good to have a record of the quality of Holiday Lake’s discharge. Larry Ehrig pointed out that the DNR has at least one year’s record of the monthly Holiday Lake tests.

Old Business:
A: Covenants – Lake Attorney is working on these, and we are waiting for his answer
B: Dan Fix – driveway - The Lake Attorney is working on the issue.
C: Maintenance Assistance – Marvin Herman – culvert – Still tabled.
D: Poweshiek County Sanitarian – Gaddis septic deadline is June 15, 2008. The Sanitarian has been notified, as has been Gaddis.
E: Nuisance Complaints – All paper work as been handed over to Poweshiek County; we are waiting for them to act.
F: Dredge – This was discussed in the Committee reports.
G: Doug Sanden – Unit 5. Lot 182 - The Board has requested that he submit his certified lot lines. We are waiting for his reply.
H: Shorelines – Deadline for getting them up to code is June 15, 2008.
I: Injunction – Richard Samuelson He is allowed to go to his property on Circle Drive. If he is seen on other Holiday Lake property, the Poweshiek County Sheriff should be called.
J: Injunction – John Haynes – He is not allowed on any Holiday Lake property.
K: Dick Osborne – Silt basin Larry Ehrig and Duane Selken met with NRCS representatives and Arlen Faas about the area to be used. The government has changed the rules, so we’re not guaranteed how much funding we will get for the project. At present there is a very large drop-off which allows the water to run directly into the lake. The land there presently erodes very easily. This project will control 75% of what the original project using Showalter’s land would have. A dike with two drains will be constructed. Our share of the cost will be a fourth of the $15,000, plus the cost of the clearing of the land, about an additional $2500.
L: Signs for dams near the little lakes – requested by Larry Pendarvis at the last meeting. Larry Ehrig said the signs prohibiting any motorized vehicles on the dams and levees in the Lake area should be discussed by the Board at its next work session.

New Business
A: Building Permit – Unit 6 Lot 125 Krull - approved.
B: Vacation request – Office. Wendy Schwab requested Saturday, May 10, 2008, as vacation. It was approved.
C: Donation for Eagles Club Last year we purchased two sweat shirts. Amy Morrow made the motion to purchase 2 shirts, Charlie Aiels seconded, motion carried by unanimous vote.
D: Maintenance Assistance – Duane Holst, Steve Wirth The request by Duane Holst for maintenance on his property can be done after the road gets sealed there. The request from Steve Wirth has to be taken care of by the property owners, because it is their frontage road.
E: Gaynelle Conner – ATV violations A letter will be sent assessing a fine, as the stickers on the ATV were defaced green stickers from 2007.
F: Brian Erickson – ATV violations A letter will be sent assessing a fine, as the vehicles only had only one sticker on each.
G: NRCS Walnut Creek – Dennis Moon – June 3, 2008 - noon meal. Information was disseminated.
H: Insurance – Community Center – Larry Ehrig reported that the Rental Agreement for the Community Center needs to require the renter to have homeowners insurance that will cover for any renter liability. JC Miller added that this would require the renter to have an “Insurance Binder.” When a person rents the facility, he/she must have a copy of that insurance with the signed agreement.
I: Grand Marshals – July 5, 2008, boat parade. It was decided to ask Betty and Dick Osborne to fulfill this role as they have been at the Lake the longest. If they decline, Leonard Ziegler and then Gordon Evans will be asked. Duane Selken said he’d ask the Osbornes.
J: Character Counts BGM Elementary - Dale Howe suggested that since the Board had given $50 to the high school after-prom committee, a $50-donation might be in order for the elementary. Charlie Aiels made a motion to donate $50 to purchase a flag, Larry Ehrig seconded, motion carried by unanimous vote.

Communication received by the Board:
A: Robert Hunt Unit 3 Lot 216 – He was not present, but is requesting that if the Association ever sells lots again, he’d like to purchase the lot at the end of Ford’s Cove. At present the Association is not selling any lots. Wendy Schwab explained that the process for selling the Lake lots includes posting a notice and taking closed bids.
B: Loren Dostal – Fleur Drive Loren is concerned about bacterial contamination in the water at the end of Fleur Drive. When the Lake is busy and the water is churned up at that point, there is a very bad odor; it is sludge. He said that Carroll Smith had had the water tested for bacteria and that it was positive. Carroll Smith, the Sanitarian, said that he would come out the next time it occurs and take a sample. Kate from the DNR has also offered to come out. Loren was concerned that the Board had no knowledge of this problem. It isn’t obvious what the source of the problem is: someone’s septic system, a water system problem or silt that is sitting at the bottom of the area that gets stirred up when boat traffic is heavy. A suggestion was to see if those who come out to give Bill Vileta directions on testing would have any advice.

Our next board meeting will be June 12, 2008, at 6:30 P.M.
Motion to adjourn was made by Duane Selken, seconded by Amy Morrow, motion carried by unanimous vote.
Meeting adjourned at 7:38 P.M.
Minutes taken and typed by Dale Howe, Board Secretary.
Dale Howe – Holiday Lake Board Secretary
Attest to:
Audrey Brickman – Holiday Lake Board Vice President