Holiday Lake
Board of Directors Meeting
Thursday, August 14, 2008
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Members in Attendance: Charlie Aiels, Audrey Brickman, Jim Clayton, Jr., Larry Ehrig, and Duane Selken were present. Dale Howe and Amy Morrow were absent

President Jim Clayton Jr. called the meeting to order at 6:35 P.M.

Tom Sheets Poweshiek County Sheriff had spoken to the lake's attorney William Olson, Holiday Lake is not incorporated and is private property. So they can not have a contract with us as they do with surrounding towns.
Tom Sheets reported the following: in 2007 they had 98 calls for service that they responded to with 10 of the calls being for the ambulance. 13 arrests were made. Drugs, weapons, warrants, public intoxication, sexual assault or domestic disturbance. In 2008 there have been 89 calls for service that they responded to with 8 of the calls being for the ambulance. Three arrests have been made.
Poweshiek County Sheriff can only enforce drunk or reckless driving. Reckless driving is defined as putting another person at risk with disregard of other person(s) safety. This can only be processed if there is a witness willing to testify and give a written statement.
Duane Popenhagen asked what can be done with people trespassing? Tom Sheets will check with Becky the Assistant County Attorney. It has to be posted "No Trespassing"
Katie Tomlinson asked about the DNR (Department of Natural Resources) the Sheriff explained that they have the same power as the Sheriff Department.
Tom Sheets also reported that a person that the Holiday Lake Board of Directors has an injunction against, received 30 days suspended sentence with a one-year probation, Judge Vogel Presided.
Tom Sheets said that if a lot owner calls in and is told that Holiday Lake is a private lake and there is nothing the Sheriff Department can do about it, they need to report to Tom the name of dispatcher or deputy to him.

Larry Ehrig read the Secretary's report from July 10, 2008.
Larry Ehrig read the Treasurer's report as of July 31, 2008.
Larry Ehrig read the current bills.
Everyone was reminded to sign in on the attendance sheet.

Additions to the Agenda: Under New Business add J, Aquashade Andy's and Bozo, K, Change in Security, L Ban Fireworks; Under Communication Received by the Board add E, Harold Vokoun, Car, F, Tom Dvorsky, Investigate before sending assessment.

Agenda: Audrey Brickman made a motion to accept the agenda with additions, Duane Selken seconded, motion carried by unanimous vote.

Hearings: Robert Godwin reported the camper on Belair Drive over the Forth of July was not his. The Holiday Lake Board of Directors extended a verbal apology to him and said a letter stating the same would be sent. Rick Rizzio, stop sign - was not in attendance

Secretary Report Under Communication received by the board: A, change, Over the weekend she had, to over the weekend Katie was approached by a third party, that alleged that she had. D, change he to the deputy that responded. Under Special Meeting change from bacteria to phosphate and detergent levels. Charlie Aiels made a motion to accept the report with changes, Audrey Brickman seconded, motion carried by unanimous vote.

Treasurer's Report Audrey Brickman made a motion to accept the report as read, Duane Selken seconded, motion carried by unanimous vote.

Bills presented for payment: Charlie Aiels made a motion to pay the bills, Audrey Brickman seconded, motion carried by unanimous vote.

Maintenance Report: Duane Selken read Darrin Ehret's report. Darrin added cold patch to areas that had been repaired by Poweshiek Water but not filled in. Repaired 10-foot section of culvert on Tracy Drive. Repaired leaking culvert on Andy's lake. Dug out ditches Unit 6 lots 208 to 221 and found a culvert that runs under the road needs repaired as is rusted out. Dug out catch basin at Unit 3 Lot 51. Working on reshaping the roads, grading and hauling rock. After the Fourth of July, bags of cans had garbage as well human waste in them. Repaired fence at the beach due to the fact someone drove through it the night of the fireworks. The new pole saw is here. Awaiting new shower timer for the men's shower at the beach. Access to park on Andy's was blocked again. Will continue to grade and haul rock, work on ditches and culverts, and start trimming trees that are hanging over the roads.

Accounting Advisory Committee: Provided a copy of a Fund Raising Sheet for documentation of each event to help prepare taxes at the end of the year.

Bathhouse/Shower Report: Kathy Bennett reported that the Toilet tissue dispensers at West Ryan campground had been vandalized. Darrin will fix them to get through the rest of this year.

Community Center: Kim Pendarvis reported that the base cupboards in the kitchen are installed, and have plywood on top of them until the counter top can be installed. Exterior lights have been installed. The bathroom partitions are in place. Kim will get with Darrin to get cement parking blocks in place to protect the septic and the air conditioner.

Fish Committee: Dick Osborne presented a proposal of $5.00 per lot owner fee (not to be added to the current fees) to establish a 10-year plan for stocking game fish. Fish cost between 50 cents to $6.00 each. The committee would like to put in fish this fall with a cost of approximately $1,500.

Nominating Committee: Kim Pendarvis reported that due to low attendance and one candidate not showing up at the Meet the candidates it would no longer be held. The committee will meet at the Holiday Lake Maintenance Office at 10:00 a.m. Saturday August 16, 2008 to count the absentee ballots.

Silt: Duane Selken reported that the five year road plan was just completed this year due to the fact that main issues had to be addressed first. Several culverts needed to be fixed which put off some other items with less priority. The corner of Grant and Lakeshore needs to have dirt removed due to poor visibility, which is a safety issue. We will see how the grinding will hold up and will determine what needs to be done next, two years of road expenses were done this year.

Rural Improvement Zone: Harold Vokoun has nothing to report at this time.

Water Quality: Bill Vileta reported that the DNR is still coming out to test water for phosphates and detergents. Two people on the committee will be trained to test for e-coli and be able to have the results right away.

Old Business:
A: Covenants - Lake Attorney is still working on these.
B: Dan Fix - driveway - The Lake Attorney has filed suit against him.
C: Poweshiek County Sanitarian - Gaddis septic deadline was June 15, 2008. The Sanitarian came to the lake and said that everything was at the Poweshiek County Attorneys Office.
D: Nuisance Complaints - All paper work concerning the junk cars has been faxed to Mike Mahaffey. The Board will continue to try to get the County to move on the issue.
E: Signs - "No motorized vehicles" - for dams - The signs are being ordered. There will be six sign located on various dams. These should be in place within two weeks.
F: Barrier fence for Bozo and Andy's Dam - no motion was made.

New Business
A: Duck Park - Hazel Griffiths and Jolene Wirth cleaned out the flower bed at the South Boat ramp before the Fourth of July. A thank you letter will be sent.
B: Building permit - Unit 3 Lot 16, Morrow, Charlie Aiels made a motion to accept permit, seconded by Duane Selken, motion carried by unanimous vote.
C: Building permit - Unit 6 Lot 196, Rizzio, can not be approved as there is a $75.00 corporate assessment that needs to be worked out, will keep on the agenda.
D: Beach area was surveyed to verify lot lines along with lake property on Andy's Pond for everyones information.
E: Charlie Aiels made a motion to remove old fence posts by beach, seconded by Audrey Brickman, motion carried by unanimous vote. The fence will be installed within two weeks. Discussion followed between Jim Clayton Jr., Doug Sevey and Darryn Abben regarding the construction of a fence at the beach. Jim Clayton Jr. stated the fence is being built as preventive maintenance.
F: Audrey Brickman read the following: Resolution - Publication BE IT RESOLVED that the corporation shall publish, through the newsletter to lot owners or through the corporate website, the names of lot owners and the identification of the lots that they own when lot owners fail to pay accounts with the Lake and are in arrears with respect to maintenance fees properly due to the Lake by the lot owner. BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that such publication shall not occur earlier than May 15, 2009. Between the date of the adoption of this resolution and May 15, 2009 the adoption of this resolution shall be publicized to the owners of lots at Holiday Lake to make them aware of its existence and one consequence of a lot owner's failure to keep such accounts current. Nothing in this resolution shall be construed to limit the ability of Holiday Lake through this board to collect fees which are past due and owing including but not limited to the denial of privileges normally extended to lot owners and their guests as well as judicial process to insure timely collection of amounts owed. IT IS SO RESOLVED. Larry Ehrig made a motion to accept Resolution: Publication, seconded by Charlie Aiels, motion carried by unanimous vote.
G: Correspondence sent: 36 letters with corporate assessments have been sent, 20 have been paid to date.
H: Rules: page 5 of 6, When the Bylaws were updated the rules did not get changed to reflect the change in corporate assessments. Items 1 through 8 will be taken out along with amounts of corporate assessments will be removed.
I: Fleur Drive: Duane Selken reported he will talk with Arlen Fass to get input on what to do to dry it out.
J: Larry Ehrig reported that Aquashade was put in Andy's and Bozo
K: Change in Security: Jim Clayton Jr. said that we have a contract with Per Mar Security until the end of the year and will look into doing something else next year.
L: Ban Fireworks: Jim Clayton Jr. stated that we do not enforce other State Laws such as seat belts, more than one person on an ATV, etc. so we will not enforce fireworks.

Communication received by the Board:
A: Terry Daniel complained about the area around the sled run and the park on Andy's was not mowed. Duane Selken explained that the entrance to Andy's had been blocked and maintenance was not able to get in there to mow. Jim Clayton Jr. asked Terry to fill out a maintenance work order for Belair.
B: JC Miller reported that wooden playground equipment at Powell Park needs to be weather sealed. Rusty Clayton from True Value donated Soy product for the train and will need about two gallons of sealant for the rest. Charlie Aiels stated he would donate one gallon. Holiday Lake Board of Directors gave their permission to purchase what was needed to seal the rest.
C: Doug Sevey - First question: PVC pipe sticking out of the ground. Jim Clayton Jr. responded that is so we can see it visually without having to get metal detector out or digging for them. Doug asked how long is it going to be there and why is it there now. Jim responded that we are going to build a fence and we are going to leave them there to provide a string line and they could be moved but we do not want them to be moved as they are the actual survey stakes from the original plotting of the lake. Fence should be done within two weeks. Second question: Drain Pipe Unit 4 Lot 211, Doug stated that they have taken legal action and will continue to take legal action. Jim Clayton Jr. said he was not going to comment on this subject any more. Third comment: Board members questionable actions. Doug Sevey stated that from everybody he had seen talk tonight it is always combative working with the board. Someone from the meeting stated not everybody; Doug Sevey responded a large quality. Jim Clayton Jr. asked the members in attendance at the meeting: If you think it is always combative to work with the board, raise your hand. Charlie Aiels reported that only two people raised their hands.
D: Harold Vokoun reported that there is a red truck for sale on North Lakeshore Drive, creating a safety issue at unit 5 lot 210. Lot owner will be called on Friday and ask them to remove it.
E: Tom Dvorsky asked that before corporate assessments are sent that the incident be investigated. Jim Clayton Jr. reported that the Holiday Lake Board of Directors is in the process of changing the way assessments are issued.

Our next board meeting will be September 11, 2008, at 6:30 P.M. Motion to adjourn was made by Audrey Brickman, seconded by Charlie Aiels, motion carried by unanimous vote. Meeting adjourned at 9:01 P.M. Minutes taken Larry Ehrig, Board Treasurer and typed by, Wendy Schwab Board Office Manager. Larry Ehrig- Holiday Lake Treasurer Attest to: Jim Clayton - Holiday Lake Board President