2016 News (2017 News)

  • Supplemental Fee (8/3/2016)

    NO INCREASE to Supplemental Fee - remaining same amount $120.00 since April, 1997

    Supplemental Fee $120.00 paid PER LOT OWNER same as current practice.

    Please contact a member of Board of Directors with questions

  • Information Important to Every Holiday Lake Property Owner


    Because of the water of Holiday Lake is clean and clear, the sunlight is able to reach the bottom. This enables plant life to grow causing the increased amount of algae seen close to the surface during the 2014-2015 summer seasons.

    After much research coordinated by Connie Sjerven regarding practices on treating Chara as well as other bottom growing algae observed in our Lake, it has been recommended to take a cautious approach by chemically treat the lake water with Cutrine Plus Granular. This chemical WILL NOT HARM FISH AND WATER PLANT LIFE NOR ENDANGER THE HEALTH OF SWIMMERS AND PETS.

    Supporting taking a cautious approach, the Board of Directors at the March Regular Board meeting voted in partnership with Rural Improvement Zone Trustees to approve the contract to apply the chemical Cutrine Plus Granular to the main body and coves of Holiday Lake as soon as the water temperature and conditions are right for application.

    Under contract, Iowa Pond Guy, LLC with the required equipment will apply Cutrine Plus Granular as soon as the water temperature is 60 degrees.

    The chemical will be applied around the ENTIRE shoreline of Holiday Lake.

    Connie Sjerven along with members of the research team, Board of Directors, and Fish Committee will accompany Iowa Pond Guy, LLC staff during the application process.

    Property owners are encouraged and welcome to observe the application process.

    Mother Nature is in control so there is no guarantee! Local conditions will determine if Chara -algae will be under control for the summer session or if additional applications will be required.

    In order to monitor the effects of this chemical treatment, NO individual Holiday Lake property owner should add any chemicals to the water. To do so could impact the success of the approved chemical application and/or endanger fish, plant life as well as swimmers and pets.

    Direct questions regarding the water treatment process to Board of Directors.

    Thank you,
    Holiday Lake Board of Directors

  • E-Mail Notifications (1/1/2016)

    If you would like to receive e-mail notification of current happenings or up to date information from the Holiday Lake Board of Directors, please send an e-mail to holdayma@netins.net, include your e-mail address, name, unit and lot numbers along with contact phone numbers. (Please note there is no "I" in the lake's e-mail address)

  • The July 2016 Newsletter is Out (7/8/2016)

    Click here to download the newsletter

  • Notice of Lot Owners Responsibilities (2/17/2016)

    All Holiday Lake property/lot owners are responsible/accountable for any and/or all guest(s) invited to Holiday Lake by yourself and/or family member.

    Your responsibility/accountability includes said guest(s) behaviors/actions on all Holiday Lake common grounds: roads, park(s), campgrounds, beach, docks, and water (boating, fishing, skiing-tubing, swimming).

    Division II - Use of the Lake and Other Property
    Section D: Miscellaneous Rule(s)
    Item # 7

    Article XI - Powers and Authority of the Board of Directors

  • 2016 Rules and Regulations (2/12/2016)

    The 2016 Rules and Regulations are now available for downloading
    2016 Rules and Regulations.
    2016 Statement of Changes.
    Also, the registration forms can be downloaded for your motor vehicles and for your land and watercraft.


    Please note that the following Monthly Board Meetings will be held at the
    Holiday Lake Office at 6:30 p.m.

    January 14, 2016
    February 11, 2016
    March 10, 2016
    April 14, 2016

  • Container for Cardboard (1/1/2016)

    There is now a container for Cardboard only, located by the utility pole within the maintenance yard. Please use the large recycle bin for newspaper and magazines only.

    Thank you for recycling.