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  • 2018 Registration Forms

    The 2018 land, watercraft and motor vehicle registration forms are here for downloading:

    2018 Land and Watercraft Registration Form
    2018 Motor Vehicle Registration Form

  • Spring Yard Clean

    As you are doing your spring yard work, please clean out culverts and ditches you have along your Holiday Lake property(ies).

    It is extremely important to keep culverts and ditches free of any waste materials, whether from construction, yard waste, Mother Nature's seasonal doing, or general debris, to ensure that natural drainage and waterway areas remain open.

    By cleaning out the culverts and ditches around your property(ies) will be so very helpful with the ongoing efforts to assist with erosion control at our lake.

    Thank you for your help - Holiday Lake Board of Directors

  • Notice of Lot Owners Responsibilities

    All Holiday Lake property/lot owners are responsible/accountable for any and/or all guest(s) invited to Holiday Lake by yourself and/or family member.

    Your responsibility/accountability includes said guest(s) behaviors/actions on all Holiday Lake common grounds: roads, park(s), campgrounds, beach, docks, and water (boating, fishing, skiing-tubing, swimming).

    Division II - Use of the Lake and Other Property
    Section D: Miscellaneous Rule(s)
    Item # 7

    Article XI - Powers and Authority of the Board of Directors